Why skt themes suck skt-themes - stichting MicroKloon

Sktthemes brings out some nice looking designs for a reasonable price.

That said………
Normal flow is like this:

  1. People see a nice design
  2. People install the free version
  3. People like the theme
  4. People buy the theme
  5. People get into all kinds of trouble

It is true that their designs look nice. But it is also true that the support you will need after buying (more about that later) is very very bad.
I think bad support is mostly due to high hormone levels in the support people, the culture difference (I think they are in India) and a very arrogant attitude. Not fun at all to deal with the support people of sktthemes.

This knowledge is gathered from personal experience, Yes I too was stupid enough to buy from them.

But there is good news also!

Although sktthemes have a strict non-refund policy, PayPal and CC companies will respond to a chargeback request! I got al my money back after a few intense days trying to converse with the complete assholes that are running their fucked up support garbage.

Be sure to include at least the following in your request:

  • Their unwillingness to help you, support always blames you the customer
  • Short fused support people, they will even swear at you!


Here are some other people with problems using the crappy paid sktthemes. Be quick to read them, the nazis at sktthemes delete all forum messages they do not like.



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